DIY Chevron Skirt


ImageSo chevrons have to be the most popular pattern going right now. Poor polka dots have taken a back seat. So when I saw this beautiful chevron skirt at Anthropologie I thought I must have it! And then I remembered that I can’t afford anything from Anthropologie, so I decided to sew myself one! Also I’m an amateur seamstress at best, so I had to come up with an easy way to make a stylish skirt. I think it turned out well, but I do have to pull it over my head (since I have a big butt, I cannot lie) , because I didn’t put in a zipper. That’s just a small price I’m willing to pay for looking good in my skirt! Maybe I’ll wear it on my first day of school. 🙂

First you need to get your materials. I used a yard and a half of the chevron fabric and a yard of lining fabric (no one should wear a see-through skirt). Also I got a yard of thick elastic and two yards of black hem lining. And of course some black thread for my Singer.

ImageThen lay out the chevron fabric face down and place the lining in the middle of it.

ImageFold the fabric in half horizontally (hamburger for those of you that aren’t sure what I mean).

ImageThen fold one more time in half, this time vertically. So basically you have a giant fabric greeting card.

ImageHere comes the tricky part. Measuring. My method is purely my own, and you might have a much better method. Mine’s a little bit of guess and check, but I’ll tell you whaat I did. You need to know the smallest part of you, and the widest part. I like to wear skirts high at my natural waist, so I measured that. 32 inches. Then I divided that by 4 (remember that our fabric is in fourths) and then added one (for hem) so I measured 9 inches at the very top of the fabric starting at the fold. Then for my widest part I got 44 (told you big butt), and divided by 4 and added 1, so I got 12. I measured that from the fold and then continued along the same angle, using pins to mark my measurements.

ImageHopefully this picture will give you a better idea of what I’m saying. I cut along the line I made with the pins so it looked something like this.


Then I opened up the fabric, cut the fold at the top and turned the whole thing inside out.


Then I pinned the skirt along the sides on both sides. Then I started sewing!!


And then I flipped the skirt right side out and checked out my seams. Obviously not perfect, but totally works on a homemade skirt like this…


Then I measured the elastic by putting it around my waist and then cutting it where I wanted it. Then I pinned it to the top of the skirt and then got to sewing.


Lastly (and most time-consumingly) I ironed the trim and pinned it on. Then I got to sewing. This step is optional. You could just hem the bottom of the skirt. But I feel like the trim gives it a more polished and not so homemade look.


Then I tried on some outfits with my new skirt! Best thing about a black and white pattern is that it’s almost like a neutral (at least I wear it that way). Here’s my three favorite new outfits with my Chevron skirt. The first one with polka dots and the red cardi is my fav. Next up, a math skirt!!!




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